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Oklahoma Uninsured Motorists

Did you know that Oklahoma is the #1 state in the country for uninsured motorists? In 2012, 25.9% of Oklahoman drivers were uninsured. However, there is another problem surfacing in Oklahoma that causes concern for those drivers who are properly insured. There are a growing number of car owners who don’t own their own insurance policy and, instead, put their cars on another person’s insurance policy, for example a roommate’s policy. The problem is that while these cars are on the insurance policy, they generally do not meet the requirements of being an “insured car” and the drivers generally do not meet the requirements of being an “insured driver”. Therefore, if these cars are involved in an accident, the insurance company will argue it is under no obligation to cover the accident under the policy. In a state where more than a quarter of the vehicles on the road are uninsured, and where even more vehicles have insurance that might not be valid, it is even more important that you maintain adequate uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Don’t let someone else’s financial irresponsibility have a devastating effect on you.