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A good estate plan gives you complete control over the disbursement of your assets, provides creditor protection for your estate and beneficiaries, lets you appoint a guardian for your minor children, allows you to make medical treatment decisions in the event you are incapacitated, allows your assets to be maintained during period of incompetency, and avoids the cost and time of court involvement. It is already difficult to deal with the grief of losing a loved one, but to prolong the grief through probate can be an unnecessary endeavor and avoided if proper planning is done.. We strongly encourage each person to think about how their estate should be passed on, and not leave your loved ones with the difficult burden of determining what they believe your wishes to be.


If you find yourself dealing with the death of a loved one who did not have an estate plan to avoid probate when they passed, our firm has experience in the complex legal process of probate. We will assist you from opening the estate through the final distribution of assets, and every step along the way. Our firm has experience in simple administrations and advanced complex estates and can efficiently assist you and your family through the process.