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Nonprofit Management & Compliance

Thank you for visiting our website. Our firm takes pride in helping people through the maze of non-profit formation and continued compliance. Our firm advises and works with non-profit organizations and foundations all across North America. We understand that when most people set out to fulfill some kind of mission, they are not aware of the formation requirements or continued state and federal compliance. Our goal is to help non-profits of all sizes and budgets achieve their exempt status and stay in compliance. We draw from our years advising non-profit clients as well as serving on a number of boards to help provide both legal and practical advise. In addition to our expertise on formation and compliance issues, our firm also has significant litigation experience allowing our non-profit clients to have one-stop representation that includes litigation avoidance, litigation management, or litigation should the need arise. Please use our website to find answers to your questions or submit the description of your desired non-profit representation for a free preliminary review by our attorneys.

Nonprofit services include:

  • Handling of all IRS forms, including the 1023
  • Compliance with Attorney General filings, Secretary of State filings, and franchise tax boards.
  • Drafting of risk management policies
  • Drafting of Policy and Procedure Manuals
  • Advising and handling of litigation or legal issues that may come up
  • Intellectual Property and franchising of registered property by the non-profit
  • Board of Directors development and best practices